English classes helping migrants into work

2 September 2021
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Kunnika PowellAMES Australia’s free language classes are proving to be a critical factor in migrants successfully settling in Mildura, finding work and becoming part of the local community.

The local Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), delivered by AMERS, has seen more than 60 migrant and refugee graduates go on to gain employment in the Sunraysia region in recent months.

The AMEP courses teach English in the context of finding employment and navigating a new society.

They are aimed at equipping people to not only find work but also to help them settle into the community, access services, develop a sense of belonging and understand more about life in Australia.

Classes are available on weekends and evenings so newly arrived migrants and refugees can continue to improve their English while also holding down jobs.

Integrated into AMES Australia's AMEP program is a new series of podcasts in multiple languages that are supporting new migrants to settle in Mildura by informing them about life in regional Australia and local customs, services as well as providing practical advice on navigating life in Australia.

The podcasts are available in Dari, Burmese, Karen and Haka Chin, with more languages being developed.

AMES graduate and Thai migrant Kunnika Powell landed her first job in Australia after studying a language course through the AMEP program.

She is a full-time pastoral care worker with Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council and her work is to support seasonal workers from overseas who are working in the Mildura area.

“The AMES course was very helpful to me. It helped me improve my English and taught me about Australian culture and everything to do with life in Australia," said Kunnika, who has been in Australia just two years.

“AMES also helped me to find work and I would recommend it to anyone beginning a new life in Australia," she said.

“I love my work supporting seasonal workers who come from all over Asia. I speak Thai, Cambodian and Lao and I love to talk to people and help communities to be strong and to build happy lives in Australia," Kunnika said.

You can hear AMES Australia's Pre-Arrival Information Podcast on https://anchor.fm/ames-australia


English Learning with AMES

AMES Australia offers a range of English language courses to help you live, study and work in Australia. We provide classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to help you progress your language skills.

Our English language courses will help you acquire essential conversation skills needed to build a new life in Australia and unlock your potential to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Call us on 13 2637 to learn your option. 


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