Medical couple on career fast-track

2 July 2023

Just days after arriving in Australia from Mexico medical professionals Gustavo Ayala and Patricia de la Colina enrolled in the Skilled Professional Migrant Program (SPMP) with AMES Australia.

“We did our homework before we left Mexico and we could see the SPMP course was what we needed to help us resume our professional careers in Australia,” Gustavo said.

The couple moved to Melbourne to be with their adult children and to fulfil a decades-long ambition to build a life in Australia.

Gustavo, a plastic surgeon, and Patricia, paediatric dentist, have connected with AMES Australia and embarked on pathway to resume their careers in Australia.

“As a surgeon, I recognise the importance of having a strong command of the English language. To enhance my career-specific knowledge, I have enrolled in courses with AMES aimed at expanding my English knowledge,” Gustavo said.

Gustavo has enrolled in the SPMP as well as an intensive IELTS course with AMES and a 3-step course on creating a proper CV.

He is also currently studying for the Occupational English Test (OET) exam for doctors.

“These courses have been incredibly beneficial to my career growth, thanks to the experiences and knowledgeable instructors. Since commencing my studies with AMES, my English proficiency has significantly improved. Moreover, the administrative staff are always available and attentive to our needs, making the overall experience exceptional,” Gustavo said.

“In my opinion, AMES stands out as a unique institution that prioritises the integration of migrants into Australian society, benefiting both the individuals and the community as a whole. The government and the institution provide exceptional support, both financially and culturally.

“AMES has been incredibly beneficial to my wife and me. It has provided us with the opportunity to enhance our English skills and gain a better understanding of Australian society and culture. Also, we have acquired valuable tools, such as crafting a strong resume, composing a cover letter and preparing for job interviews. Thanks to AMES we feel confident in our ability to seek employment,” he said.

Patricia said that two days after arriving in Melbourne, the couple were enrolled in English, SPMP, IELTS and OET courses at AMES as part of their pathways to resuming their careers.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Australian government through AMES to improve our English and help us to gain Australian qualifications to have better skills to get a job and learn the customs of life in Australia,” Patricia said.

“We were very lucky to find AMES, this school has a lot of quality, the teachers are very professional and the classmates are very cordial and willing to help you,” she said.

The couple first visited Australia as tourists 20 years ago and at the time decided they wanted to move here.

“The opportunity came when my children, after studying degrees in Melbourne, were able to obtain their permanent residence. Then we applied for a visa and, after five years, we obtained permanent residence,” Patricia said.

The SPMP course supports newly arrived skilled migrants into jobs that fit their qualifications and experience.

It introduces professional migrants to Australian workplace culture and job seeking techniques. Participants receive advice about professional interviews as well as insights into Australian workplace culture.