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6 July 2021
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AMES Australia's Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) team have created a podcasts series, Australian Life Podcast by AMES Australia, in multiple languages that offer information to clients on a variety of topics related to their settlement journey. They will be provided to clients in hotel quarantine and cover subjects including: driving licenses and laws, childcare and kindergarten; Victoria's justice system; AMEP and language schools for children, access to health services and fire safety. More podcasts on a range of other topics are in the process of being developed with the intention of enhancing clients' orientation and settlement ina new country.

In this episode. We’ll be talking about the quarantining process for all people arriving to Australia, including refugees.

In this episode we’ll be talking about the state of Australia’s housing market and support available for the housing search. We’ll also talk about the differences between private rental and public housing.

In this episode we’ll be talking about engaging children with activities in the local community.  We’ll be discussing activities for a range of children’s ages, some free, some not, and some that you can do during the week, on weekends and even during school holidays.

In this episode, we are going to talk about everyone’s responsibility for COVID Safe living. In order to protect our family, friends and community, there are a number of adjustments that we all can make.

In this episode, we are going to focus on employment and working conditions in Australia. 

In this episode, we are going to focus on university in Australia.  How to apply for university and what you can study.

In this episode we are going to focus on driving in Victoria with an international license and booking for a driving test to get your Victorian licence

In this episode we are going to focus on some common driving laws regarding the use of seat belts and child restraints. We’ll also discuss traffic fines and Infringements.


  • Mirta Saponja and Anthony Ferretto

Special thanks to AMES Australia team members for presenting in language episodes
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