‘Settling into Networking’ event connects clients with professionals and academics

3 August 2023

Settling Into Networking eventAMES Australia's new social enterprise Settling Into Work recently hosted its first networking event.
The purpose of the event was to bring academic professionals together to provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing about academic career pathways in Australia.
It brought together a diverse group of professional clients who hold PhDs and have teaching experience in their home countries.
The 'Settling Into Networking' event was aimed at providing an opportunity for these clients, many with refugee backgrounds, to build their professional networks and gain insights into pathways for pursuing an academic career in Australia.
By connecting our clients with professional Australian academics, we aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide guidance in navigating the academic landscape.
The event, which took place in AMES head office, saw the participation of 14 academics from universities such as Deakin University, RMIT and Melbourne University, who shared their experiences with a significant number of participants. AMES board member Molina Asthana also attended.
Tony Lie, Service Delivery Manager, said the feedback from the networking event was positive.
“Our Settling into Work academic clients made new and meaningful professional and academic connections and we look forward to running another networking event in the near future," Tony said.
Settling Into Networking eventMohammed Alshawsh, a Monash University Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Research, University Teaching, Supervision, Lecturing, presented and discussed his academic journey in Australia, which started as a SPMP student at AMES Australia, and resulted in him securing full time employment.
Mohammed shared tips and advice on navigating the challenging Australian job market as an oversea academic coming to Australia. He also stated that these events are very valuable for clients who want to create new connections.
Finally, Tony thanked all of the participants, and assured that this is just the beginning of new networking events as part of the support to the participants.
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