The Drill Hall - Room for 200+ people

What is the Drill Hall

The Drill Hall is available for hire. 

It was built in 1937, designed by architect George Hallandal, to provide military facilities for the Royal Melbourne Regiment. After the war, the Drill Hall  was predominantly used socially to host parties, dances and fetes for the regiment. Melbourne City Council purchased the building in the late 1990s and since 2013,  it has been part of the vibrant Multicultural Hub, managed by AMES Australia since 2013. The Drill Hall is a venue suitable for a diverse range of purposes and offers a unique environment for a range of events. The building was featured in Open House Melbourne 2016, read a little more about the history and architecture that was developed for Open House here.

The Drill Hall is suitable for:

  • meetings
  • presentations
  • workshops
  • dances
  • exercise classes
  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • rehearsals
  • art and craft markets
  • community festivals
  • film and photography 


Venue Details:

  • Capacity: 200
  • Facility hours: 9am to 10pm, seven days a week.
  • Opening hours: 9am to 9pm seven days a week except for public holidays.
  • Address: 26 Therry Street Melbourne VIC 3000
  • The Drill Hall has a small kitchen