Student Placement

At AMES Australia we are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to complete placements supporting higher education and vocational training programs. We tailor our placements to allow students to integrate theory with practice and further develop skills through a supportive and professional environment.

AMES Australia provides settlement, education and employment programs to newly arrived migrants and refugees. We also deliver significant vocational training, skilled professional migrant and social enterprise programs, as well as ongoing research that informs our practice and recommendations to government.

We provide student placements across a variety of programs and services;

Education and Employment

Students can undertake placements supporting the following programs; Learn English, Vocational Training, Workforce Australia, Return to Work and service delivery support.


We offer placements supporting the Humanitarian Settlement Program and Career Pathways for Refugees, Accommodation Services and Community Support Programs.

Multicultural Hub

AMES Australia in partnership with the City of Melbourne runs the Multicultural Hub, which is a community space which allows people from Melbourne's many different cultures get together to work, share and learn in a safe and supportive environment. There are opportunities for students to provide administrative support to the team managing the Multicultural Hub.

Support Services

We also have student opportunities supporting our corporate teams in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Risk and Quality, Administration, Media, Marketing and Communications, Research and Policy and IT.

How do I apply?

We currently have partnerships with the following universities: RMIT, Monash University, Deakin University and Stott’s College. If you are a student at the following universities, please contact the placement coordinator and express your interest in completing a placement at AMES Australia.

Thank you for your interest in partaking in a placement at AMES Australia.