Developing culturally inclusive workplaces for multicultural learners

AMES Australia is leading a project to create and rollout online cultural competency training to employers in the Aged Care and Disability industries to promote and facilitate culturally safe workplaces.

Practical placement experiences can differ greatly for Vocational Education and Training (VET) students and influence their pursuit of employment and career development in these key care sectors experiencing labour market shortages.

By providing a free online training module, customised to industry as well as regular free training sessions for workplace practical placement supervisors and managers from the care industries, we expect to see an increase in the uptake of learners pursuing not just jobs, but fulfilling careers in these sectors.

Free Online Modules

AMES Australia has developed two online courses for workplace supervisors and mentors in the Aged Care and Disability sectors. Each module is composed of four modules with information, examples, short videos and interactive activities, as well as journeys of lived experience. 

The courses are self-paced and can take about one hour to complete. Participants can do the course at a time that suits them, over a few days or weeks, via a computer or smartphone.

Free face to face and online sessions for industry

This free facilitated training is held regularly throughout the year for leaders and supervisors in the care industries to extend their cultural competence skills and support them in creating more culturally safe work place practices.



Want to discuss creating a customised project for your workplace or learn more about the project? Contact:

Patricia Salazar
Career Education Project Officer
Phone: 03 9938 4053