SGP/HSS Forum: Mapping of Services

SGP/HSS Forum: Mapping of Services


Victoria is a precious multicultural state that is composed of various multicultural organisations, programs, government departments and services that address a broad spectrum of needs for migrants.   

Aim and objectives

Relevant organisations work collaboratively to deliver services more effectively to the common client group by creating networks (such as Local Settlement Planning Committee – LSPC). As Robert Hughes from Jesuit Social Services noted and displayed how geographical borders and variety of networks in local areas are confusing for social workers on the ground. The number of networks out there and variety of networks make it challenging and time consuming for social workers to identify the network that is beneficial for their line of work.

Forum and Presentations

On 11 Nov 2011, the SGP/HSS forum addressed the challenges with network meetings and service boundaries, most importantly how to manoeuvre around those challenges in order to obtain relevant information and participate in the right network.
Successful network conveners have been invited to share their invocative practises with the participants. Sue Casey gave an insight into their Victorian Refugee Health Network.  Phillip Lysaught from Centrelink talked about their Case Coordination in Broadmeadows and Jennie Barrera about the successful Wyndham Humanitarian Network.
Presentations are available for download below:
Sue Casey -  Victorian Refugee Health Network
Phillip Lysaught -  Case Coordination
Jennie Barrera -  Wyndham Humanitarian Network


Forum participants had the opportunity to have a discussion about various geographical borders, geographical networks, the challenges and most importantly how to overcome those challenges. As a result of the discussions at the forum, the planning committee has developed a Network Guideline suggestion from the SGP/HSS participants for settlement workers and network conveners. Download the Network Guidelines here.

Participants at the forum learned many new things, including: