Settling Into Work for Employers

Source talent

We help Australian businesses connect with qualified, skilled and skilling candidates through our tailored pathway and employment solutions.

We help thousands of migrants and refugees settle in Australia every year, so we have first hand knowledge of the talent that is available amongst our candidates.

Support settling talent pre and post employment

Where our candidate is recently arrived or has unique vocational and non vocational needs, our team can provide pre-employment and post employment assistance to ensure a smooth transition into the role. Some of our clients may need support in modifying work arrangements to support the settlement of their wider family.

Skilling talent

Our team includes advisors who can help with designing and accessing a range of training tools and pathways for your wider workforce, so that your team has the language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills to produce the results you need.

Achieve impact

Our team helps our partner organisations to achieve social impact and social procurement targets through the way you design, hire and onboard your workforce, to build an inclusive team and meet government policy and tender requirements.

Create a welcome workplace through our training

We have workplace trainers with lived experience of migration, forced migration and Australian workplace culture and challenges, who love working with organisations trying to do better and make impact. We have standard and custom training packages available in a range of formats – face to face, digital and hybrid. Topics include

  • Creating culturally competent cultures
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Successful cross-cultural mentoring in the workplace