AMES Australia Youth Services

AMES Australia Youth Services works with young people from refugee, migrant and indigenous backgrounds to ensure they are equipped with everything they need to reach their potential and build a meaningful life in Australia.

Through a combination of specialist support services, education programs, knowledge sharing, career counselling, advocacy and social participation initiatives, we are working to remove the barriers young people face as they establish their lives in Australia.

We do this through a variety of activities such as industry visits to highlight career opportunities, education and training support, employment counselling, driving lessons, youth camps and other social activities to help young people build social groups, as well as programs to help young people develop the skills necessary to gain economic and social participation.

Our Programs


Through the Engage! Program, we work with young people (aged 17-25) who are not participating in educational, vocational or employment related activities. The program helps define pathways into education, training and employment opportunities by providing activities such as Youth Camp, industry tours and re-engagement nights.


We deliver the Reconnect program through a number of Local Government Areas  , which empowers young adults (aged 17-25) to overcome intrinsic barriers that prevent them from accessing education: English for Youth and employment through a holistic approach that is delivered one-on-one.

For further information on how you can refer young people into these programs, please make an enquiry.


This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding