Stories from AMES Students


Tse Tzen Tan

 “I’ve enjoyed learning about Australian culture and my conversation skills have really improved”

 - Tse Tzen Tan from Malaysia

Nirmala Gidley “Our teacher always corrected incorrect grammar straight away and we focused a lot on correcting our grammar. It made a huge difference to my English”

 - Nirmala Gidley from Indonesia


Work Skills

Ratna Dewi “You’ll learn how to write an Australian-style resume and cover letter according to the job you are applying for”

– Ratna Dewi from Indonesia   

 Amporn Thanacharoenporn “With two weeks work experience I was able to use all that I had learnt in a real workplace and my confidence improved a lot,”

– Amporn Thanacharoenporn from Thailand

Vocational Education and Training

Fatema Haidari “Three weeks into my four week work placement at an Aged Care facility they offered me the job,”

- Fatema Haidari from Afghanistan