AMES Australia Heartlands 2023

AMES Australia invites young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to submit written or spoken word pieces reflecting the themes of ‘homeland’ and ‘belonging’.
These themes resonate with many refugees and migrants and speak to the emotional and physical dimensions of leaving one’s homeland and settling somewhere new.
We invite aspiring writers and poets to explore these ideas in prose, poetry, song lyrics or spoken word. There is a word limit of 1000 words.
Much of what we see in the media about refugees, migrants and emerging communities is portrayed through the prism of mainstream society.
Heartlands 2023 is an opportunity for people identifying as culturally and linguistically diverse to tell their own authentic stories through prose, poetry or spoken word; and to have a voice in the public conversation around migration and multiculturalism.
Shortlisted works will be collected into a publication and launched late October 2023. 
There will be a winner selected from the shortlisted works.  The  winner will receive a prize of $1000 and will be invited to orate or perform their piece at the launch event.
A 2nd and 3rd place will also be selected from the shortlisted works and the winners of these prizes will be invited to orate or perform their piece at the launch.
2nd place will receive $750, and 3rd place will receive $500.
Entries close at 5pm, 25 August 2023.
Shortlisted writers and winners will be advised by 11 September 2023.
 Entries may be submitted by completing the form below and uploading your piece (Word or PDF preferred). 
Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before you submit your entry.