Covid-19 Updates


Summary of restrictions in Victoria

There are things we can all do to make ourselves and others safer. As you live and work, remember these COVIDSafe principles:

You are no longer required to wear a face mask in most indoor settings, but wearing a mask remains recommended.

Face masks are mandatory for everyone aged 8 years and above in the following settings:

  • On public transport, in taxis/rideshare services and in tourism vehicles.
  • While inside an aircraft (for ages 12 and over).
  • While visiting a hospital, care facility or any other indoor space that is a publicly accessible area in a healthcare setting, including allied health settings.
  • In a public indoor space if you are a close contact.
  • After being tested for COVID-19 and awaiting results.
  • If you have COVID-19 or are a close contact and are leaving the premises for a permitted reason.
  • More detailed settings and who is exempt can be found here

Where face masks are recommended

We strongly recommend wearing a mask if you:

  • are in an indoor setting
  • can’t physically distance, such as at entry or exit points to large events
  • have any COVID-19 symptoms, or
  • are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID-19

You can find information, updates and advice about the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Victorian government website

Summary of restrictions in South Australia

To protect yourself and others and help stop the spread of coronavirus:

  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Practice good hygiene like covering coughs and sneezes and wiping down surfaces.
  • Stay 1.5 metres apart wherever you can.
  • Stay at home if you are unwell.
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if as soon as symptoms appear, no matter how mild.
  • Wear a mask when required or when you can't physically distance.

Face masks

Face masks are an additional physical barrier and help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Masks are required to be worn in these places:

  • passenger transport (including taxis and rideshare)
  • planes and indoors at airports
  • hospitals, community healthcare, pathology collection centres and all other health care services
  • pharmacies
  • residential aged care and disability care facilities
  • Aboriginal community controlled organisations
  • correctional services, prisons, training centres, and other places of custody.

Read more on our face masks page, including information on:

  • who should wear a mask
  • how to wear a mask correctly
  • links to resources, including how to make your own face mask.

COVID Safe check in

You are required to use COVID Safe Check in at:

  • public and private hospitals
  • disability care facilities
  • residential aged care facilities.

You can find information, updates and advice about the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the South Australian Government Health Website.