Life in Australia


 AMES Australia provides settlement support to newly arrived refugees and migrants in Victoria, through the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP).

If you need support once you have arrived in Australia, and have not applied for support from AMES, please email HSP Intake and they will provide you with the necessary referral form and HSP consent forms to apply for HSP services. When receive your completed forms, they will send them to the Department of Home Affairs to seek approval for HSP services. Due to the number of applications being received, this application process may take some time, so we ask all people to be patient whilst they wait for contact from AMES.

If you are currently on a 600 tourist VISA in Victoria then you are not eligible for Centrelink payments (money from the government) or Medicare (discounted medication and subsidised medical costs). Once you have applied for HSP support, AMES will be able to provide emergency relief vouchers until you are transferred on to a 449 visa. The amount of emergency relief vouchers are determined on a case by case basis, and depend on need and family size. AMES staff will conduct an assessment prior to deciding how much financial assistance to provide.

Whilst you are on the 600 tourist visa, you will not be required to pay for your short term accommodation in AMES provided accommodation. Once you have received your 449 visa and your Centrelink payments, you will be required to pay for your short term accommodation after the free 28 day period has expired.

Once you commence receiving Centrelink payments, the AMES housing team will support you to find suitable Long Term accommodation.

Whist staying in the short term accommodation, no additional family or friends are able to stay with you. If you leave the short term accommodation you are required to inform your case manager and return your room access pass to the ground floor reception.


This learning site is built by AMES Australia for people who are new arrivals to Australia. There are 10 topics to help you with settling in Australia.

Each topic has a video and some knowledge check questions. You can get more details in the ‘more information’ section.

Click here to access myAMESx (English)

 Jobs Victoria Employment Service (JVES)

Do you need support looking for work?
AMES has a team of Jobs Victoria mentors and support services that can provide advice, help update your skills, and support you into a job that suits you.

For more information, contact Brad McKendry at

 Ask AMES - Information Session

AMES Australia will be running an "Ask AMES" information session next Wednesday at the Multicultural Hub. Please come along to ask questions about settlement in Australia. A Ukrainian interpreter will be present to assist with translations. 

The topics covered will be:

  • Housing

  • Health Support

  • Visa process

Date: Wednesday, 11th May (11/05/2022)

Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: AMES Australia Multicultural Hub - 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 (Opposite Victoria Market)

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