How does Home Care Package Work?

The amount of funding assigned to you by My Aged Care will depend on the level of the approved package based on your assessed needs.

Once you receive your funding approval, you can select AMES Australia as your package provider.

Ensuring that you can use your package to secure quality of life and good value is important and we will work with you to help your Home Care Package get you more services.

The amount of funding assigned to you will depend on the level of the approved package based on your assessed needs.

Home Care Subsidies and Supplements Rate as at 1 July, 2023

Package Levels Govt Subsidy Per Fortnight Govt Subsidy Per Year
 Level 1 - Basic Level Needs $393.96 $10,271.11
Level 2 - Low Level Care Needs $693.86 $18,063.85
Level 3 - Intermediate Level Care Needs $1,507.80 $39,310.50
Level 4 - High Level Care Needs  $2,285.78 $59,593.55

Why choose AMES Australia as your Home Care Package provider

AMES Australia has been helping clients feel at home in Australia for more than 70 years.

We will provide you with your own dedicated Care Manager to work with you to implement your care plan and ensure your needs are met and your goals are achieved.

We are transparent with our fees. We do not charge Basic Daily Fees, which means your package buys you more services.

We only charge the fees we tell you we will charge and do not have hidden fees.

Across our organisation and service team we speak more than 70 languages.

Home Care Packages are income tested by the government. You may be required to pay Income Tested Fee as determined by Services Australia. You can call them on 1800 227 475 to find out if you need to pay this fee.

Our Fees

Care management covers co-ordinating the care and the services that will help you deliver on the goals you identified in your care plan.

Package management covers the administrative and organisational costs required to deliver and manage your Home Care Package smoothly and in a way that complies with the government’s regulatory requirements.

To make your life easier, we specialise in care management but you can choose to self-manage your package. You can read more about self-management here.

Get started with AMES My Aged Care

If you’d like to find out more about AMES My Aged Care services, call 13 2637 to talk to our AMES My Aged Care team or send us an email on