Regional and Rural Settlement

Rural and Regional settlement has become popular amongst many newly arrived refugee and humanitarian client groups.

Settlement in regional Victoria has risen from 3% in 2005 to 13% by 2017. The most popular areas are Geelong, Shepparton and Mildura with smaller numbers also going to Bendigo, Ballarat and Swan Hill.

Mt Gambier, which is the second largest city in South Australia outside of the state capital Adelaide, has also been increasingly appealing for newly arrived humanitarian entrants.

In Tasmania, the area of Launceston has also seen an increase in humanitarian resettlement.

Regional and rural services providers have worked hard to produce successful results. Service providers include:


  • Cultura – Geelong
  • Uniting – Shepparton and surrounding suburbs
  • Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS) – Bendigo and surrounding suburbs
  • Ballarat Community Health Centre (BCHC) – Ballarat and surrounding suburbs

South Australia

  • Australian Migrant Resource Centre


  • MRC Southern Tasmania

Regional and rural HSP Service Providers use their networking, community connections and stakeholder services to provide outstanding settlement. Their main focus is on sourcing migration advice, accommodation, relevant education, health services and employment for the newly arrived clients. 


The AMEP is delivered in regional and rural Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in many of the cities our newly arrived clients settle. Our HSP Service providers work closely with education providers in the area to ensure that programs are developed according to client group needs.


HSP Services Providers facilitate newly arrived clients access to employment services, assisting clients to engage in appropriate employment pathways as early as possible in their settlement journey.