Settlement Services AMES Australia Provide

The Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) promotes the skills and knowledge needed for people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds to begin their new lives in Australia and to build the skills to participate in Australia’s economic and social life.

The HSP provides early practical support to humanitarian entrants on arrival, and throughout their initial settlement period, generally for up to 18 months after their arrival to Australia.

Case Management Services

The AMES Australia Case Management model consists of a number of sub-services. Depending on client needs, AMES Australia Settlement can draw on any of these:

Needs Assessment (pre and post arrival) and a Case Management Plan

Every client is assigned a Case Manager who does a needs assessment, then develops and implements a tailored case plan in collaboration with the new arrival. We use a strength based approach that builds on a client's existing strengths to develop a settlement program that will have the greatest impact.

The Case Manager also draws together a Care Team including the client, case manager and volunteer or proposer. Other members of the AMES Australia HSP consortium or other service providers may be brought in depending on the services required for each case. For example an AMES Australia Housing Worker or Refugee Health Nurse might be called upon for specialist advice and support.

Client Support Workers and Orientation Guides

AMES Australia’s Client Support Workers and Orientation Guides provide settlement support in the client’s own language, are from the same cultural background and often share the common experience of having a refugee history. Their work shows how refugees themselves can influence service delivery. 

On Arrival Logistical Needs

Clients are met at the airport and transported to their initial accommodation. Upon arrival at their initial accommodation, AMES Australia clients are provided with information and assistance to enable them to function in their new environment — including provision of food or food vouchers for immediate needs.

Essential Registrations

Clients are assisted to register with Centrelink and Medicare, and open a bank account. Clients are connected with services relevant to their needs including school enrolment, AMEP, education, training and employment providers.

Health Services

Many clients arrive with immediate or ongoing health issues and are connected with health services early in their journey.

Orientation Program

The Orientation Program aims to equip clients with basic life-skills and to build clients’ self-confidence and ability to independently access support services in the future.


Accommodation Services

Clients who require assistance finding initial accommodation may be placed in short-term accommodation, and are provided with assistance to find longer term rental accommodation.

Some clients may require assistance to set up their new home. We assist by providing basic household goods. Click here to read more about AMES Settlement Accommodation Services.


Specialised and Intensive Services

Specialised and Intensive Services aim to provide holistic case management service to newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants, including those with complex needs requiring specialised and intensive services, as well as other eligible visa holders who have complex needs, refer to link below for eligibility criteria.

SIS Website

The aim of Specialised and Intensive Services is to build skills and knowledge in key foundational outcome areas to achieve settlement goals. Services are delivered through a tailored, needs-based case management approach for up to six months.


Volunteer Program

AME Australia Volunteer Program is designed to provide additional support to clients through their initial settlement.


Translation service

HSP clients will be supported to complete an online application for the Free Translation Service. Each client can have 10 documents translated, which may related to identity (eg. birth/marriage/death certificate), facilitation (eg. drivers licensee, medical records, vaccination), education (eg. school records, qualifications), employment (eg. trade certificates, references).