Cath Scarth, Chief Executive Officer, AMES Australia

Cath Scarth: Hello everyone. Im pleased to launch our Gender Equality Action Plan for 2021-2025.

Our staff from across the workplace have contributed to this plan, which maps out targeted strategies and associated actions that we will implement to deliver meaningful change throughout our organisation.

This plan is for every single staff member, and not just for women.
We have outlined three key priorities for our organisation that we will work to achieve by 2025.

  1. It will promote equality in the composition of the workforce through implementing a seamless and meaningful way to collect gender data to positively influence diversity and gender equality across our workforce.
  2. It will promote equality in the workplace culture that and does not tolerate inappropriate behaviours of sexual harassment and discrimination
  3. And it will tailor our policies, programs and services to integrate inclusive gender equality practices across the organisation.

This plan is out commitment to drive progress in gender equality by reducing inequality and discrimination through promoting gender equality including increasing awareness of intersectionality in the community and within our own culturally diverse workforce and client base.

As part of our vision for “full participation for all in a cohesive and diverse society,” we recognise and value diverse perspectives in working towards achieving AMES strategic priorities, along with our contribution to gender equality within the community more broadly.