Grace Chan's story

My name is Grace. I enrolled in the IELTS intensive course at AMES in July 2021. Thanks to the Australian Government for providing and subsidising the IELTS course at AMES. This intensive course was well-structured with highly qualified teacher and thorough learning materials. The class was scheduled on-line every weekday from 10am - 12:30pm. Students started the day with the English class and then they could plan their time-table in the day ahead to study, practise and revise the materials and did the homework and writing tasks. This helped students to build up a learning discipline and study-life balance.
I really appreciated my teacher Ms Madeleine Ranieri. She was a hard-working, knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated teacher. Not only did she interact actively with the students in the class, hence making learning interesting, marked their essays, never miss a class, but was also attentive to the needs of the students.
This course is a milestone for my English learning. Even now I always feel content and happy. Through the course, I had refined my English, learned how to write better essays and developed self-confidence. All these have an advantage in my future education, employment as well as broadening my social network in living in Australia. I achieved an overall IETLS score of 7 and was admitted into the Master of Nursing Science course at The University of Melbourne. And I have now already been half way through the nursing course.
Although the IELTS course at AMES was not a university course, its weight and implication were such significant that it preceded a university course. It is because English is an everyday language in Australia and beyond. I felt grateful that I had the valuable opportunity to be a student in this course.
I am here to pay my respect and sincerely thank you for my teacher Ms Madeleine Ranieri for her continued support and encouragement throughout the course, and also every one who worked behind the scene to make this course a successful one. I would have not been able to achieve a high standard of English without this course. I would highly recommend this course to my friends and families.