HSS Program Principles

The following HSS principles form part of the contract between the AMES Australia HSS Consortium and the Department of Social Services and underpin service delivery to HSS Clients:

  • Respect the human worth and dignity of Clients, and their cultural and religious diversity
  • Protect the health and wellbeing of Clients
  • Ensure Clients contribute to decisions that affect them and have influence over their settlement pathways
  • Deliver Services flexibly through a tailored case management approach, which prioritises need and early intervention strategies
  • Give particular attention to the needs of children and young people as they are of vital concern
  • Ensure Services build on individual Client strengths, and promote Client capability and independence
  • Work collaboratively with other community and government agencies in the best interests of the Client
  • Deliver Services to a high standard
  • Be accountable to the users of Services and the Australian government.