Support Coordination

When you first begin your NDIS journey, there’s lots of information to take in and things to organise. The process can feel a little overwhelming, especially if English isn’t your first language.

That’s why AMES offers Support Coordination. It’s a special program that matches people who have an NDIS plan with one of our friendly NDIS experts. Known as a Support Coordinator, it’s this person's job to help understand and achieve the goals in your Plan. They’ll help you apply for services and be there to support you throughout your NDIS plan.

What is NDIS Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is a program that helps people with disability understand and access their NDIS plan. You’ll be assigned a Support Coordinator, who will work closely with you to reach your goals, helping you build skills and knowledge, so that you feel more confident. Eventually, you might even feel confident enough to manage your own NDIS plan.

Your Support Coordinator will:

  • Help you understand and access your NDIS Plan
  • Let you know what services you can access and what is most suitable for your needs
  • Help you select services that are within your budget
  • Negotiate prices for the services that you select
  • Assist you to access your chosen services
  • Help you become more confident, so that you can manage your NDIS Plan on your own terms

What services and programs will my Support Coordinator help me access?

Your Support Coordinator will help you understand the right services, activities and resources to help you reach your personal goals , as specified in your plan. These could include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Group outings & social events
  • Classes/education
  • Job skills programs
  • Accommodation support
  • Assisted living support

How does Support Coordination work?

One of the benefits of NDIS Support Coordination with AMES, is that once you get started, the process is simple.

  1. Meet your Support Coordinator: Your Support Coordinator will get to know your needs and goals, and work with you to develop a strategy to achieve them
  2. Connect with supports: You Support Coordinator will assist you in finding and connecting you with services and negotiating prices
  3. Review you progress: Your Support Coordinator will continue to work with you to see how you are progressing towards your goals and assist you if you want to make changes.

Do I need to register with the NDIS before being matched with a Support Coordinator?

Yes. Before you can start Support Coordination with AMES, you will need to register with the NDIS. To get started, visit the NDIS website or contact our team on 13 26 37. 

When you register with the NDIS, you’ll be invited to a planning meeting with an NDIS Local Area Coordinator. This person represents the NDIS and isn’t connected with AMES. So it’s important that during this meeting, you ask the NDIS Local Area Coordinator to connect you with us at AMES for Support Coordination.

What’s the difference between Support Coordination and Plan Management?

Support Coordination helps you  Implement your plan and connect to services.

Plan Management helps you manage the payment of those services, so that you can stay within your budget.

Why choose AMES for NDIS Support Coordination ?

  • Your language: we understand that speaking in your language can be easier so we ensure an interpreter is available and have a range of multilingual staff to support you.
  • Diversity experts: AMES has been working with refugees, migrants, and people from culturally and linguistically backgrounds for 70 years, providing culturally responsive service to make you comfortable and confident in your choices. 
  • Disability experts: Our NDIS team have experience working with clients with disabilities and support services, and have knowledge of an extensive network of services and providers.

Experienced Support Coordination in Melbourne and Adelaide

At AMES, we’re proud to have been serving culturally and linguistically diverse communities for over 70 years with English, employment and settlement services. Naturally, we have come to provide support coordination services across the culturally and linguistically diverse cities of Melbourne and Adelaide.

Deep understanding of NDIS
Our extensive years of experience taught us all that is there to NDIS. This means we can help our clients understand how it works and how to get the most out of it. We always keep up with any new changes in the NDIS programs to give our clients the latest advice.

We know that accessing support from NDIS can make a big difference in our clients' lives. So we make sure the process is easy and useful for them. We break down the hard parts into easy steps so our clients can use the NDIS without worry and get the help they need.

Extensive knowledge of local service providers
We've been around for a long time, so we know many local groups and businesses that offer excellent help and services. This means we can connect our clients with the right people for what they need, whether it's finding a doctor, joining a therapy group, or getting involved in community activities. We know exactly who to talk to, and we make sure our clients get to the best places for their needs.

Tailored support planning
We know that everyone is different, with their own NDIS support goals. That's why we create special support plans for each person we work with. We take time to really listen and learn about what each person wants in their life and what kind of help they need to get there. Then, we put together a plan that's just right for them to guide them step by step towards their goals.

What makes our service extra special is that we can speak over 70 languages, which means we can communicate easily with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. 

We have a lot of experience working with people from all over the world, so we understand how important culture and language are. This understanding helps us tailor plans that fit their lives and respect their traditions. This way, everyone we help can feel comfortable and understood.

Crisis management
In urgent or unexpected situations, we have extensive experience and support networks in place to find solutions so that our clients and solutions don't have to worry.

Whether it's a health problem, trouble at home, or something else, our quick and caring response in these times makes sure that everyone feels safe and looked after.

For support that's as diverse as the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide, tailored to your unique needs, and continuously updated with the latest NDIS programs, reach out to us.

Contact us or call us on 13 26 37.