Early support can help skilled migrants avoid pitfalls of underemployment and raise wages by up to $70K per annum


A new report from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre says that only 60% of migrants from a non-English-speaking background are working in well-matched jobs. According to the report, if migrants were matched with jobs that are related to their educational qualifications and professional expertise, the Australian economy could gain up to $6 billion dollars per annum.

Mismatching jobs can have harmful impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals as well. AMES Skilled Migration Service recently commissioned Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) to conduct analysis of ABS migration data and found that it took on average about 8 to 14 months for around half of all skilled migrants to return to skilled employment after initially taking lower skilled jobs.  The wage gap for a professional working in an unskilled occupation is $814/week, which represents $39,800 to $55,400 foregone income in the first two years. For skilled migrants with management background the loss can be much higher, between $49,000 to $69,100 over the same period.  


Improving migrants’ journey and providing early information about the Australian job market and how to secure employment in their professional field can help reduce the unemployment and under-employment period.

AMES Skilled Migrations Service is providing an integrated visa service with pre and post arrival support.  Clients engaging our visa service will also have access to a job readiness programs which include online and face to face training, access to mentors, and opportunities to expand local networks in Australia. The service is also available to international students looking to transition from a graduate visa to permanent residency. If you want to find more about migration opportunities and how to increase your job readiness, contact the Skilled Migration Team on 1300 987 071. 


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