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New TSMIT and changes to Employer Sponsored Migration.

By now, you will have heard on various social medial channels and websites, that there are new

changes affecting Employer Sponsored Migration pathways in Australia.

Here is a summary of what’s happening based on a press release issued by

the Immigration Minister Andrew Giles MP and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil. Read more.

migration budget 22 23 

Federal Budget 2022-23: Migration News

The federal budget was delivered on 29 March 2022, and below we have prepared summary of the key migration related announcements made. Read more.

International Students

Update: 24 January 2022

Temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders

On 13 January 2022, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the 40hrs a fortnight work limitation on international students will be temporarily relaxed for all sectors of the economy to help alleviate workforce shortages. Read more. 

Australia opens the boarders

Update: 23 November 2021

Australia opens international boarders to eligible visa holders, including skilled workers, refugee visa holders, international students and working holiday makers

From 1 December 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can now travel to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption.  Read more.

 Engineering Occupations

Update: 4 November 2021

24 Engineering Occupations added to the South Australia State Nomination Program for Offshore Applicants

South Australia added further 24 Engineering occupations for offshore applicants as part of their COVID recovery response. Read more. 

 Tasmania Skilled Visa

Update: 4 November 2021

Tasmania Skilled Migration Priorities and Updates

The focus is to retain skilled migrants genuinely in need by employers, or with the capacity to settle long-term in Tasmania through employment, and business activities that will increase employment opportunities. Read more.

 Australia visa

Update: 4 November 2021

s48 barred applicants may now apply for Subclass 190, 491 and 494 visas onshore

Visa holders in Australia who are currently s48 barred and have received a State/Territory invitation for subclass 190/491 or a regional employer sponsorship will be able to lodge their application in Australia from 13 November 2021. Read more.

 Permanent residency pathways

Update: 4 November 2021

New permanent residency pathways for Hong Kong nationals

From 5 March 2022, two new permanent resident visa streams will be available for Hong Kong SAR and British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders. Read more.

 Immediate family members visa

Update: 4 November 2021

Parents of adult Australian citizens/permanent residents considered ‘immediate family member’

From 1 November 2021, parents of adult Australian citizens/permanent residents are now considered ‘immediate family members’ for the purposes of travel exemptions. Read more.

South Australia will open 70 occupations for offshore applicants

Update: 28 September 2021

South Australia adds 70 occupations to the State Nomination Program for offshore applicants

From September 28, 2021, South Australia will open 70 occupations for offshore applicants, as part of their Covid 19 recovery response. Read more.

Visa CTA

Update: 16 August 2021

Joint standing Committee releases final report of inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program

The Inquiry commenced at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, that led to more than 500,000 temporary migrants leaving Australia since March 2020. Read more.

Victoria visa updates

Update:1 July 2021

Victoria’s Skilled Migration Program – 2021-22 opening

Victoria’s Skilled Migration Program for 2021-22 will open to new Registrations of Interest (ROIs) on 7 July 2021. The Department of Home Affairs has provided Victoria with 3,500 places for Skilled Nominated visas (subclass 190), and 500 places for Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visas (subclass 491). Read more.

New occupations added to PSOL

Update:26 June 2021

22 new occupations added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

The Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke MP, announced yesterday that 22 new occupations will be added to the PMSOL. Read more.

Agri Visa

Update: 17 June 2021

ASEAN nation citizens to be offered farm work visas

A new farm worker visas scheme to be rolled out by September could see citizens of ten south-east Asian nations offered the opportunity to work in Australia’s agricultural industries. Read more. 

Covid 19

Update: 16 June 2021

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

The Covid-19 disaster payment will be a one-off payment available to Australian citizens, permanent residents and temporary visa holders who have the right to work in Australia. Read more. 

New Zealand Passport

Update: 16 June 2021

Changes to 189 – New Zealand stream visas

From 1 July 2021, eligible New Zealanders applying for subclass 189 through the New Zealand stream will change. Read more.


Update: 16 June 2021

Tourism and hospitality added to critical sectors

On 8 May 2021, Minister for Immigration, Hon Alex Hawke, announced more support for Australia’s tourism and hospitality sector by providing greater flexibility during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Read more.


Update: 16 June 2021

Veterinarians have been added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

On 8 May 2021, Minister Alex Hawke announced that the occupation of Veterinarian has been added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). Read more.

Update: 5 January 2021

Victoria reopens skilled visa nomination program

Victoria reopened its Skilled Visa Nomination program subclasses 190 and 491 on Tuesday 5 January 2021. Read more.

Global Talent

Update: 10 November 2020

Global Talent Visa Program

In November 2019, the Department of Home Affairs launched the Global Talent program to attract the brightest and best global talent to work in targeted industry sectors in Australia. Read more.

Migration Program 2020-21 Budget update

Update: 7 October 2020

Migration Program — 2020-21 | Budget update

The 2020-21 Federal Budget predicts that net overseas migration numbers will fall from 154,000 persons in 2019-20 financial year to a net loss of 72,000 in 2020-21, but it is expected to gradually increase and return to positive levels in 2022-23. Read more.


Update: 3 September 2020

Victoria’s 2020-21 skilled visa nomination program (subclass 190 and 491)

Victoria will be opening Victoria’s 2020-21 Victorian skilled visa nomination program from 8 September 2020 until 5 October 2020. This will be an interim round, until the Federal budget is delivered on 6 October 2020. Read more.

Skilled Migration Service

Update: 2 September 2020

New Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List Announced

Acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge in a joint statement with Senator Michaelia Cash has announced a new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). Read more.


Update: 21 August 2020

SA released process advice for interim visa nomination applications

The Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has provided a limited number of skilled and business visa nomination places to the Government of South Australia up until the Federal Budget is delivered on 6 October 2020. Read more.


Update: 17 August 2020

2020-21 Victorian visa nomination program update

The Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has provided a limited number of visa nomination places to the Victorian Government up until the Federal Budget is delivered on 6 October 2020. Read more.

Occupation ceilings

Update: 17 August 2020

Occupation ceilings for 2020-21 immigration program were announced

The Department of Home Affairs has announced the occupation ceilings for independent and skilled regional (provisional) visas for 2020-21 program. Read more.


Update: 12 August 2020

Update on the South Australia’s General and Skilled and Business Migration program

The Government of South Australia has been advised of a limited number of interim allocation places for the State’s General Skilled and Business Migration Program for 2020/21, which will be prioritised to support South Australia’s economic and public health recovery. Read more.

International Students

Update: 20 July 2020

Australian government announces a number of changes to support international students

Australian government has announced a number of changes to international student visa arrangements to support international students through the Coronavirus crisis. Read more.

Visa application

Update: 9 July 2020

Hong Kong citizens in Australia offered a visa pathway to remain in Australia for five years

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Hong Kong citizens residing in Australia on student and temporary visas will be eligible to remain in Australia for up to five years with a pathway to apply for permanent residency. Read more.

State Nomination update

State Nomination update

State nomination program will remain temporarily closed while we await the Commonwealth Government’s allocation of state nomination places for 2020-21. Read more.


NSW opens application for 491 Skilled Work Regional visa for a limited time

New South Wales Treasury is accepting applications for Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa for a limited time. Applications opened on Monday 15 June and will close on 26 June 2020. Read more.


Changes to Northern Territory GSM options

The Northern Territory (NT) government announced changes to the nomination criteria under the General Skilled Migration Program that will come in to effect from 1 July 2020. The changes will include extra residency and employability requirements for NT International students and other NT residents who wish to apply for a subclass 190 nomination.  Read more.


Exceptions of work hours for international students has been updated

The temporary relaxation of the 40-hour work limited for international students working in supermarkets has ended. Read more.

Victoria closes skilled nominated visa (subclasses 190 and 491) program for 2019-20

The Victoria government announced that skilled visa nomination is now closed for the 2019-20 program as the state have filled the places provided by the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs. This includes both Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). Read more.


Migration update - Victorian government announces an emergency relief fund for international students

The Victorian government will establish a $45 million fund to support international students facing financial hardship in Victoria due to the coronavirus crisis. Read more.


Migration update - Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) stream of Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa

This visa stream is being used by the Department of Home Affairs to manage the exceptional circumstances that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic event. This is a temporary measure and will be reviewed by the Department on an ongoing basis. Read more.


Migration update - Emergency relief and case work support for Temporary Visa holders

The Red Cross has announced that it will be receiving funding from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliver emergency relief and casework support to temporary visa holders who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs. Read more.


Migration update - Changes to Temporary Visas

On 4 April 2020, the Acting Minister for Immigration, Mr Allan Tudge, announced number of changes that will impact temporary visa holders. Read more.

Migration update - Current restrictions

There have been quite a lot of changes announced recently due to the rapidly evolving situation with Covid-19. We have summarised some these changes below and we will provide updates as and when changes are implemented. Read more.

Find out about the latest Skills Select Round for January 2020

In the January 2020 round, 1,000 invitations were issued for subclass 189 – Skilled Independent visa and 300 invitations for subclass 491 – Family Sponsored stream. Read more.

Skilled Migration Occupation List to be reviewed

 The Department is in the process of reviewing the skilled migration occupation list.  As a part of the review, the department has issued the Traffic Light Bulletin which contains all occupations that are flagged for a change to their current status or are recommended for a salary caveat. Read more. 

Novel Coronavirus and Australian visas

 The Australian government has announced that all travellers who left or transited from mainland China from 1 February 2020 will be denied entry to Australia, with exceptions. Read more.

Early support can help raise wages by up to $70K per annum for skilled migrants 

A new report from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre says that only 60% of migrants from a non-English-speaking background are working in well-matched jobs. Read more.

Visa Application Assist

Upcoming Changes to Skills Select and Points Test 

The Department of Home Affairs has provided further information about the changes to the points test and the new regional postcodes. Read more.

Subclass 491 visa State and Territory Nomination update

Subclass 491 visa State and Territory Nomination update

The subclass 491 visa came in to effect on 16 November 2019. The Department of Home Affairs have now released the list of occupations and the regional postcodes. Read more

 October 2019 Skills Select Update 

October 2019 Skills Select Update                                       

Skilled The minimum point score for the 11 October 2019 Skills Select round was 80 points. The 992 invitations issued on 85 points, 318 invitations on 80 points, 149 invitations on 90 points. Read more

 Reginal postcodes

Find out the new Designated Regional area postcodes                                      

Skilled Migration Service is hosting a series of events to bring corporate partners and international students and migrants together. Read more                     


Victoria releases the nomination criteria for Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491)Visa

Victoria will start accepting applications for Victorian nomination under the subclass 491 visa program from 9 am Monday 18 November 2019. Read More

Change to Driving Licence Rules for Temporary Visa Holders 

Change to Driving Licence Rules for Temporary Visa Holders

The new Victoria road laws to Driving Licence Rules for temporary visa holders including international students commenced on Tuesday 29th October 2019. Read more

Event update 

Event update

Skilled Migration Service is hosting a series of events to bring corporate partners and international students and migrants together. Read more

New reginal area 

Regional News Update

The federal government announced last week that Gold Coast and Perth will no longer classify as ‘major cities’ and will fall under the category of ‘major regional centres’ for skilled migration purposes. Read more

 Report cover 

The research report - experience of Skilled Professional Migrants

In researching the experiences of recent skilled migrants, we conducted a survey and two focus groups. We enlisted our strong alumni network to participate in a survey (153 invited to participate) and focus groups (approx. 20 participants). Read full report

 Skilled migrants

Skilled migrants struggling to find their feet, study finds

Highly educated, highly skilled migrants often can't find good jobs because employers don't trust their experience, according to a new study. The research suggests the skills of many migrants are wasted as has recommended that workplaces be required by law to give equal opportunity to migrants.  Read more


Regional opportunities for Skilled Professionals

The new 'Skilled regional visas', which will take effect in November, will open up many opportunities to international skilled professionals who cannot otherwise access the independent skilled visa to live and work in Australia. These provisional visas will potentially provide a pathway to permanent residency if all conditions on the visa are met: mainly, the visa holder (and dependants) must live and work in regional Australia. Read more


English language requirements for skilled visas

English language requirements for skilled visas

If you are applying for a skilled migration visa, you need to meet the required English language criteria. Depending on the visa subclass you are applying for, you can demonstrate this in several ways. Read more


How much it cost to send your kids to school if you are holding visa 482

School fees for dependent subclass 482 visa holders

The subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in skilled workers where employers can't source an appropriately skilled Australian worker. Applicants for a TSS visa may include dependent family members in their application. Family member have the below rights. Read more


Visa CTA

Changes to the Skilled Migration Program being introduced on 16 November 2019

The federal government has announced changes to the skilled migration stream that will be introduced for the 2019/2020 financial year. Read more

Skilled Migration Service Pre-arrival

New points test coming in to effect on 16 November 2019

The Migration Amendment (new Skilled Regional Visas) Regulation 2019 will also introduce a revised points system for subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional) and the General Skilled Migration visas (subclass 189/190) from 16 November 2019. Read more