Policy Documents

Fee Schedule

The AMES Australia Students Fees and Charges Schedule provides broad information on the cost of courses at AMES Australia.

Refund Policy

Please refer to the AMES Australia Refund Policy for detailed information on refunds.

AMES Australia Complaints and Appeals

Please read the AMES Australia Complaints and Appeals Process Policy to find out the best way to proceed with complaints.

Quality Indicators

Learner Engagement Satisfaction Surveys

The Learner Engagement Satisfaction Surveys are generated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to monitor the quality of education service delivery. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), AMES Australia is required to survey its cohort twice annually on their learning experience in order to systematically evaluate and improve its training and assessment strategies and practices. While the clients surveyed were selected in accordance with national guidelines, the sample is small because the majority of AMES Australia clients are studying English and have difficulties comprehending the questions contained in the survey.

In July and December 2017, 149 clients provided feedback. This sample represents almost 25 % of AMES Australia’s clients undertaking Certificates II-IV in these months.   

AMES Australia RTO Reregistration Report - August 2014

Quality assurance is about ensuring that clients are satisfied with the quality and consistency of the goods and services provided/received.

To regulate quality assurance AMES Australia is certified to the ISO 9000 series of the Quality management system – Requirements.

AMES Australia planned and systematic activities are implemented in the AMES Australia Quality Management System so that regulatory and contractual requirements for services will be fulfilled. Business process controls have an emphasis on customer satisfaction, continual improvement and efficiency. This ensures that processes are monitored and feedback is incorporated into these processes. This is reflected in the AMES Australia Quality Policy.

In August 2014 the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) conducted an AMES Australia RTO re-registration audit. All issues identified have now been rectified.

AMES Australia Code of Conduct

AMES Australia Code of Conduct for Clients, Contractors, Volunteers and Visitors are expected to show respect towards each other and demonstrate appropriate behaviour to maintain a positive and safe environment for all.


AMES Australia is an Approved Delegate of the Australian Skills Quality Authority.