COVID Normal in Thai, Tigrinya, Urdu & Vietnamese

22 January 2021

Victoria have moved to COVIDSafe Summer from 11:59pm 6 December 2020. As restrictions ease, it’s important that we act to keep ourselves and others safe. These actions below highlighted some of the ways we can help, and for full info:

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COVID-19) hotline - If you are concerned, call the coronavirus (COVID-19) hotline 1800 675 398 (24 Hours)
Interpreting service - If you need an interpreter, call the coronavirus (COVID-19) hotline 1800 675 398 and press 0
Triple Zero - Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only






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COVID19 Weekday Updates 

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Migration News and updates

Ti rawl le herhhai thil le ri cawk nak le pumcawlcanghnak tuah nak ah cun, na inn in 5km leng na umkal lai lo.
Hi caan thawk cun:
Chungkhar pahnih in minung pa5 tiang a leng ah caan hman ṭi khawh si lai.
Taangcheu in Taang 2 tiang siangakchia pawl caah siseh, VCE/VCAL ca siseh, cun pum tlamtling lo pawl cawnnak cu Term 4 ah sianginn kai ṭhannak ding timhlamhnak a um lai.
Ngakchia Zohkhenhnak (Childcare) cu on ṭhan an si lai.
Rianṭuannak hmun tam deuh in on khawh an si lai.
Innleng ah ummi tilionak cu on ṭhan an si lai, pumpak pumcawlcangh cawnnak he pehtlai in minung pahnih nih cawnpiaktu pakhat an hman khawh lai.
Biaknak lei he pehtlai in innleng ah minung pa5 tiang, cun hruaitu pakhat telhchih in tonnak ngeih khawh a si lai.