COVID19 Melbourne Reopening, (updated 8/11/20)

31 December 2020

From 11:59pm on 8 November, Melbourne's COVID Normal pathway have been updated:

◘ There are no restrictions on the reasons, distance or time limit to leave home

◘ Melburnians no longer need to have a permit to travel to their work places in metro areas or regionals Victoria

◘ 🚨⚠️Face coverings 😷 must be a fitted mask that covers the nose and mouth⚠️🚨 and must be worn when leaving home

◘ OUTDOORS gatherings - up to 10 people from unlimited number of households can gather in public places, e.g. a park

◘ INDOORS gatherings - a household can have up to 2 people visit per day. The 2 people may be from different households and/or may visit separately. The indoor gathering limit do not apply to dependents or intimate partner

◘ Cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants can serve up to 70 people outdoors and up to 40 people indoors based in the venue's density limits and spacing requirements. If you're visiting these venues, please make sure to sign-in as per DHHS requirements

◘ Venues for sports, weddings, funerals, religious locations and more are now allowed to open with limits on number of people that can attend, please make sure to check DHHS's latest update for detail!

Click here to view information published by the DHHS regarding cafes and restaurants, community services, entertainment and culture, homes and property, religion and ceremony, retail, sports and exercise, travel and work/study.

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Ti rawl le herhhai thil le ri cawk nak le pumcawlcanghnak tuah nak ah cun, na inn in 5km leng na umkal lai lo.
Hi caan thawk cun:
Chungkhar pahnih in minung pa5 tiang a leng ah caan hman ṭi khawh si lai.
Taangcheu in Taang 2 tiang siangakchia pawl caah siseh, VCE/VCAL ca siseh, cun pum tlamtling lo pawl cawnnak cu Term 4 ah sianginn kai ṭhannak ding timhlamhnak a um lai.
Ngakchia Zohkhenhnak (Childcare) cu on ṭhan an si lai.
Rianṭuannak hmun tam deuh in on khawh an si lai.
Innleng ah ummi tilionak cu on ṭhan an si lai, pumpak pumcawlcangh cawnnak he pehtlai in minung pahnih nih cawnpiaktu pakhat an hman khawh lai.
Biaknak lei he pehtlai in innleng ah minung pa5 tiang, cun hruaitu pakhat telhchih in tonnak ngeih khawh a si lai.