Skills for Education and Employment (SEE)

  • This training course will help you improve your English speaking, reading and writing as well as your computer skills.
  • The course will provide practical work placement in local business and industry.


What will I learn?

  • English language skills (all levels) based on nationally recognised certificates
  • Workplace communication and employability skills
  • Information Technology
  • Job skills training in Business, Community Services, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing and Cleaning Operations.


What further education can I do after completing the course?

  • This course can provide a pathway into a full Industry Certificate course.

Registered job seeker with Centrelink or a jobactive provider

Course duration

Full and part-time courses are delivered over a full year.

Course dates

Courses run regularly throughout the year.



Free to job seekers registered with Centrelink or a jobactive provider.

How to Enrol

Contact us to find out:

  • course dates
  • your eligibility


This course can be taken under below Government Subsidised Funding Programs: