Education and Training

AMES Australia offers a wide range of English courses and training courses to help you:

  • settle into Australia
  • get a job
  • go on to further education or training to get a better job
  • AMES Australia offers More Than Just English to help you secure your future in Australia. (Chinese version)

Wherever you are in your journey, AMES Australia has a course to help you get to the next stage. Take a look at our educational training pathways diagram to see what type of course you might need to get where you want to go.

AMES Australia courses range from beginner level for people with very little English or work skills, to advanced levels for new arrivals with professional qualifications looking for a job in their field.

The first step is to have your English level assessed. Next, meet with an AMES Australia Counsellor who will guide you to choose a course that will help you reach your learning and training goals. You may be eligible to take an English course or training course for FREE.

Call 13 AMES (2637) or contact your nearest AMES Australia office to start learning with AMES Australia.

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