Skilled Professional Migrants Program (SPMP)

AMES Australia understands how difficult it can be for new migrants to find satisfying jobs in their profession.

This accredited program specifically targets the real difficulties that can prevent skilled professional migrants from successfully entering the job market.

This program will challenge and motivate you to face the realities of an ever-changing job market as well as equipping you with the skills and knowledge to create future employment success.

The SPMP Course is a 4 week intensive workshop which includes the following:

  • The Australian job market and workplace culture
  • Preparing Australian style resumes and cover letters
  • Understanding job advertisements and applying for a job
  • Interview skills including preparation, practice and feedback
  • Telephone skills
  • Networking and effective communication

AMES Australia has produced a research report entitled, Securing futures: making the most of migrants' skills, that reviews the effectiveness of the Skilled Professional Migrants Program (SPMP). You can read the full report here.

Additional research has been completed which shows that 81% of SPMP participants from 2013 have found employment within 12 months of completing the course. 

Career Counselling

SPMP clients meet with a qualified Career Counsellor to discuss their specific employment goals.

Professional Mentor Program

SPMP clients benefit from the advice and support of a professional person to guide their career. Mentors are drawn from a range of industries.


  • provide networking/industry information
  • coach and advise
  • review documents
  • help with interview preparation

Client Testimonials

“I am happy that I am going to start my engineering career in Australia and that the tips and preparation I received from AMES Australia drove me into my new job. All the processes from the resume preparation to the mentoring program helped me to develop the skills to get this job”. (JG) 

"While on the SPMP, we met company representatives who did mock interviews with us and gave us feedback about our performance. This improved my confidence and helped me to learn about the Australian way." (NA)

"It was a pleasure to communicate with my mentor. He gave me some valuable advice and local knowledge because he was an industry insider." (KB)

"I'm endlessly thankful to AMES Australia - they do very important things for migrants and the future community and they do it really effectively and well. Thanks to all the AMES Australia staff for their great job! I will never forget what I learned from the SPMP lessons and from my AMES Australia workbook. My progress was based on everything I learned there." (KB)

Course Location

The SPMP is offered at AMES Australia Flagstaff in the City at 255 William Street, Melbourne.

Other course details

SPMP is a 4 week intensive workshop which runs Monday to Thursday.

New courses start every 4 to 6 weeks.

The cost of the course will be based on your visa category.

It is essential to attend an Information Session prior to the course commencement. To check the date for the next information session, go to the SPMP page in our course directory.

This training is a Learn Local course delivered with Victorian Government funding.

RTO 0590

Call AMES Australia on 13 AMES (13 2637) to register your interest.