Occupation ceilings for 2020-21 immigration program were announced

Update: 17/08/2020

The Department of Home Affairs has announced the occupation ceilings for independent and skilled regional (provisional) visas for 2020-21 program.

Occupation ceilings limits the number of invitations issued for an occupation group within the program year. It means that, when the occupation ceiling is reached, no further invitation for that occupation group will be issued for that program year.

Occupation ceiling values are based on information provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and represent the number of people employed in Australia in each occupation and a percentage of stock employment figures for each profession.

The 2020-21 program has seen an increase in allocation for the following occupations:  Construction Managers, Engineering Managers, Industrial, Mechanical and Production, Early Childhood workers, Special School Teachers, and University Lecturers.

Among the occupations that have seen the most significant decrease are Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officers, Architects and Plasterers.

The occupation ceiling indicates that the Australian’s migration program will be focus on the economic recovery post-COVID and ensuring minimal disruption to the critical sectors.

Occupation ceilings do not apply to State or Territory Nominated, Employer Sponsored or Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses.

The occupation ceiling for each occupation is available here.

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