Parents of adult Australian citizens/permanent residents considered ‘immediate family member’

Update: 4 November 2021

From 1 November 2021, parents of adult Australian citizens/permanent residents are now considered ‘immediate family members’ for the purposes of travel exemptions.

The definition of ‘parents’ include:

  • biological parents
  • legal (including adoptive) parents
  • step-parents
  • parents in-law

The parent/s hoping to travel to Australia will need to have a valid visa or have applied for a valid visa. They will then need to submit a travel exemption and also provide evidence of parental relationship to the Australian citizen/PR child, which can include birth certificate, family book, adoption certificate, along with evidence of citizenship and permanent residency of the adult child (Australian passport/birth certificate, permanent residency grants etc).

This exemption will also be available to parents of New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia.

If you want to apply for a travel exemption or visa for your parents, speak to one of our Registered Migrations Agents on 1300 98 7071.