Education & Training FAQs

Can I join the AMEP? How can I enrol?

AMES Australia no longer delivers the AMEP in metropolitan Melbourne, but we deliver AMEP through subcontracted partners in regional Victoria. Click here to learn more about the AMEP and to find a provider close to you.

You can still learn English for free with AMES Australia if you are eligible for SEE or Skills First funding.

What is the difference between AMEP and Skills First? How many hours can I get under the Skills First Program?

  • Both AMEP and Skills First are government funded programs that offer up to Certificate III in general English
  • The AMEP provides up to 510 free hours of English classes, whereas those eligible for Skills First can do 2 certificate courses per calendar year
  • Some temporary spouse visas are eligible for AMEP, however clients have to be a permanent resident to learn English for free through Skills First
  • The AMEP includes free childcare services, however this is not offered under Skills First.

Do you have full-time classes available?

We have full-time, part-time, day, evening and Saturday classes available, but it depends on the AMES Australia centre you’d like to study at. Please contact us or contact the AMES Australia centre of your choice to find out what is available at your closest centre.

What free courses am I eligible for at AMES Australia?

Contact us to check your eligibility and tell us your visa information (name, birth date, visa number, subclass) and arrival date in Australia, or visit one of our AMES Australia Education locations.

If you are eligible for a course, we will make an appointment for you to have an interview. At this interview a teacher will test your English level and according to the outcome, you will be placed in a class with students with a similar English level.

What is the cost of a course at AMES Australia if I am not eligible for free courses or a concession?

The AMES Australia Students Fees and Charges Schedule provides broad information on the cost of courses at AMES Australia. Contact us find out more information on the course you are interested in and the cost of attending.

Are you AMES NSW?

No. AMES NSW and Navitas deliver education services in NSW.

Where can I get work experience?

AMES Australia organises work experience as part of some of our Workskills and Vocational Education and Training courses. Your eligibility for one of these courses will be dependent on your level of English and if you already have a qualification.

If you're interested in work experience with AMES Australia, please contact the AMES Australia office you're interested in working at to see if something can be arranged.

What AMES Australia services are available for skilled professional migrants?

AMES Australia assists overseas qualified skilled professionals to understand how to be competitive in the Australian job market. We assist with everything from preparing industry-standard resumes to getting enrolled clients into work experience roles with real employers.

Click here to learn more about our Skilled Professional Migrants Program (SPMP).

If there is a study break or if I go overseas, can I continue my study?

Yes. If you are going overseas, you will need to withdraw from your class and contact the AMES Australia centre again once you have returned.

If I leave a course early, can I get a refund?

Please read the AMES Australia Refunds Policy, or contact the AMES Australia location where you are attending your course to get more specific information about your circumstances.

What do I do if I think I have been treated unfairly at AMES Australia?

Please read the AMES Australia Complaints and Appeals Process Policy to find out the best way to proceed with your complaint.