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30 June 2020
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#AMESCareerTips Series Introducing AMES Australia’s Career Tips series, assisting you with Job Seeking and Career Management in 2020.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my Name is Nino Cipriani and I am the manager Client Experience at AMES Australia. 

We have put together a series of video ‘Tips’ to help you find a job. In This episode we will discuss how to widen your horizons when searching for a job.

Given the challenges we face with the current labour market, it has never been more important to be flexible and adaptable when searching for a job.  

This is challenging since employers tend to focus on a candidates technical skills before their potential to learn new ones, but you can highlight your transferable skills and put together a strong application to give yourself the best chance possible.

The first step in widening your horizon should be to identify the most accessible alternative occupations. ….. This will require some research.  

For instance, if you have a hospitality background, it makes sense to try for other service based jobs, like call centre customer service consultant as an example..  

Whilst researching the call centre customer service sector, you would discover that there is a distinct difference between inbound and outbound call roles, and that there are also telemarketing and telesales specialisations, which would allow you to tailor your application, for the role you feel would suit you best.  

Exploring job boards and reviewing LinkedIn to see how your network have progressed through roles in their career can show some possible paths for you to consider.

Transitioning to a new occupation can be equal parts exciting and intimidating, but I encourage you to prepare strategically for an alternative job, especially if opportunities in your industry have dried up.

Thank you for your time, best of luck and keep safe

If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with AMES Australia to see how we can help you in your career journey, call 13 AMES (that’s 13 2637) during business hours.



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