Chinese Bilingual English Class

This class is designed to provide English language tuition to clients who have very low speaking and listening skills and who would benefit from having a teacher with bilingual English and Chinese language skills.

The Chinese Bilingual class is supported by the Victorian Government.

What will I learn?

  • Have a conversation in English
  • Read and write a range of everyday texts such as simple instructions, messages and stories
  • Use English to obtain goods and services

How will I learn?

The course will be offered in Mixed Mode Delivery

  • Classroom-based Learning, where the student attends AMES Campus’ with a Teacher/Trainer present
  • Online Learning, where the student studies remotely off campus using training materials that are provided online or correspondence by the Teacher/Trainer

For more information visit AMES Australia online service standards.

  • Courses and Units

    22482VIC Course in Initial EAL

    Nominal Hours

    VU22578 Recognise letters of the alphabet and their sounds


    VU22579 Use strategies to participate in learning


    VU22580 Recognise and copy extremely familiar words


    VU22581 Participate in extremely familiar spoken exchanges


    VU22582 Recognise and copy numbers from 1 to 100


    VU22383 Identify common digital media


    VU22579 Use strategies to participate in learning


    Total course hours


Australian citizens or permanent residents

Course duration

10 weeks

Course dates

Part-time weekday and Saturday classes available.
  • Weekdays: 2 days/week

    Saturday: 9.00am to 1.30pm.


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The fee is determined by your eligibility for Government funding. Click here for more information on applicable fees or contact AMES Australia to check your eligibility for a concession fee.

How to Enrol

Enquire to find out:

  • course dates
  • your eligibility
  • cost

The course will be run subject to enrolment numbers.

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