English for Living and Working in Australia

The AMES Australia’s English for Living and Working in Australia courses will help you develop your vocabulary and grammar, reading and writing skills and will help you to improve your ability to communicate in English.

The course will give learners the opportunity to practice their English conversation skills in class to allow for pathways to further study and employment and to help participate in day-to-day life in Australia.

Learning English at AMES Australia is focused on more than just reciting words in a classroom. Our teaching methods focus on enabling students to think critically while participating in group and project work. This allows you to learn English from real-life experiences, meaning you will not only be learning the language, but you will be learning how to use it everyday life.

Students will develop their English language skills through topics relating to their everyday life in Australia such as education, health and money.

What will I learn?

This course will enable you to learn to:

  • Use English to obtain goods and services
  • Have a conversation in English
  • Read and write a range of everyday texts such as simple instructions, messages and stories

What further education can I do after completing this course?


Based on interviews where your language level will be assessed and a counsellor will discuss your learning goals.

Course duration

Available full-time or part-time. Daytime, evening and weekend classes available.

Course dates

Courses start every two weeks.



The fee is determined by your eligibility for Government funding. To check your eligibility for a concession fee, contact AMES Australia.

Click here for more information on applicable fees.

How to Enrol

Enquire to find out:

  • course dates
  • your eligibility
  • cost
  • arrange a time to have your English level assessed

The course will be run subject to enrolment numbers.


This course can be taken under below Government Subsidised Funding Programs:

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