Free Tailored Recruitment Services

How It Works

  1. Lodge a vacancy by filling in this form and selecting 'hire staff'.
  2. An industry recruitment specialist will visit your workplace to identify recruitment solutions in line with your needs.
  3. We will then develop recruitment solutions to assist you, from shortlisting candidates to post-employment support for up to six months.

AMES Australia’s free tailored recruitment service covers everything from screening job seekers and providing medical assessments, to police checks, working with children checks, notifying unsuccessful applicants and giving your new recruit all the assistance they need.

We also offer wage subsidies and other incentives to eligible employers. Plus, you will benefit from the training and qualifications we provide to your new recruits.

Our employee base is not limited to workers with basic skills, we also have a number of skilled, professional candidates that could be very beneficial to your business.


Free Tailored Recruitment Service:

  • Pre-screening
  • Short listing
  • Database of employees
  • Small, medium and large account management


Value Added Service:

  • Training and reskilling
  • Work trials and wage subsidies
  • Workplace modifications
  • Assistance with ongoing and long term recruitment needs


Workplace Support:

  • Assisting with smooth transition
  • Ongoing post placement support
  • Mentoring services


Other negotiated services:

We will stay in contact with you and your employee for six months so we can address any problems either of you may be experiencing. If required, we can offer further training, mentoring, travel assistance and more.


PaTH Internships:

An internship can help you find out if a young person is the right fit for your business. If you can host an internship placement in your business between 4 and 12 weeks you will receive a payment of $1000 to help with the costs of hosting an intern and the intern is covered by insurance purchased by the Australian Government. Interns are unpaid by your business. The intern receives a fortnightly incentive paid by the Government, on top of their income support payment.